Every Hotel or Cabin WILL have to deal with Bed Bugs Eventually…


1.)        Bed bugs do not transmit disease.  Their “bites” will leave a trail of reddish sores on most people.  Some people show no effects from being bitten.  Nevertheless, they are annoying and disgusting, at the very least.

2.)        Bed bug infestation has nothing to do with a lack of sanitation.  Although you are embarrassed by the presence of these invaders, bed bugs are “hitch-hikers”, and they ride with people into the finest establishments in the world.

3.)        Bed bug populations have been on the rise ever since DDT was banned.
  Current chemical solutions do not treat the source of the problem.  To eliminate bed bugs you must kill the adults and eggs all at the same time.  The eggs are most commonly found on mattresses, inside box springs, upholstery, carpet, and furniture.  No chemical can reach all these areas safely.

4.)        Bed bug populations have risen over 500% worldwide in the past three years.
  Major metropolitan areas of the United States have seen populations grow nearly 1000%.  Europe and Asia have fought this infestation for hundreds of years, with today’s numbers the highest they have ever seen.  The bugs are everywhere, and it is just a matter of time before you will come in contact with them.

5.)        Bed Bugs can survive as many as 350 days between feedings.  Once they have eaten, they lay eggs.  Usually, by the time adults are present, they have  already produced at least one cycle of eggs.  Killing the adults only will never rid the property of the problem.  Within 10 days, the eggs will hatch and feed and the adults will lay more eggs.

6.)        Bed Bugs cannot withstand prolonged exposure to extreme heat. Several major Universities and Local Governments have done independent tests that show all stages of the bed bug life cycle are destroyed when confronted with temperatures in excess of 120 degrees.  Since adult bed bugs are naturally drawn to  higher temperatures, they are eliminated with extreme heat treatment quite easily.  To kill the eggs, the secret is to gradually raise the internal temperature of  the rooms’ contents to over 120 degrees for hours at a time. Then, the cycle of infestation can be broken.


ThermalKill Provides Heat Treatment for the Eradication of Bed Bugs in:
We heat the infected area to as high as 140 degrees, thus killing all stages of the life cycle.
Prices are based on size of area infected, level on infestation, and ease of application.
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